Introduction of Oomi construction

  • 会社概要

    Company Profile


  • 【Company name】 Oomi Construction Co.,Ltd.
    【Representative Director】 Anju Hashimoto【Establishment】 1979 April 5
    【Paid-in Capital】 47 million yen
    【construction license】 Shiga Prefecture Governor’s approval (Special-12) No. 50672(General civil engineering work , Scaffolding , Paving , Dredging , Water and Sewerage Facilities)
    【Sales content】Construction, Gravel collection, Sale of stones, Sale of mountain soil
    Industry waste collection and transport, Disposal (Intermediate treatment) Permit No. 2520030925
    【Address】 283-2 Noguchicho, Hikone, Shiga Prefecture 522-0221 TEL:+81-749-25-3303