• Introduction of Oomi construction

    Starting with the collection and sale of mountain soil, gravel and stones, we then began to offer earthwork upon delivery. Today, we also offer collection and processing of waste from construction sites and are trusted by our customers.

  • Company Profile

    【Company name】 Oomi Construction Co.,Ltd.
    【Representative Director】 Anju Hashimoto【Establishment】 1979 April 5
    【Paid-in Capital】 47 million yen
    【construction license】 Shiga Prefecture Governor’s approval (Special-12) No. 50672(General civil engineering work , Scaffolding , Paving , Dredging , Water and Sewerage Facilities)
    【Sales content】Construction, Gravel collection, Sale of stones, Sale of mountain soil
    Industry waste collection and transport, Disposal (Intermediate treatment) Permit No. 2520030925
    【Address】 283-2 Noguchicho, Hikone, Shiga Prefecture 522-0221 TEL:+81-749-25-3303

  • Mountain soil/gravel sales

    Our main business is the sale of mountain soil.
    Starting with gravel and stone collection in Shigera, Ogawa-Machi, Shiga Prefecture, we also currently operate in Ogataigahata, Taga-cho, Inugami-gun, Shiga Prefecture.
    We are blessed with high quality mountain soil and receive praise from our customers.
    【Mountain soil/gravel collection area】 Ojigahata, Taga-cho, Inugami-gun, Shiga Prefecture

  • Industrial Waste Business

    We have also entered the construction industrial waste industry.
    Our services range from collection and transport of waste to intermediate waste treatment.

    ●Industrial waste collection and transport (excluding temporary storage)
    ●Processing of industrial waste(Intermediate processing【crushing】)

Address 283-2 Noguchicho, Hikone, Shiga Prefecture 522-0221
Tel +81-749-25-3303
Fax +81-749-25-3304
Contact Us oomi-k@hashimoto-g.co.jp